Top 5 Marketing Performance Strategies For 2023

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2023 is ready to be a remarkable year in marketing as trends shift to accommodate new technology and customer behaviour. From black-and-white newspaper ads to keyword analytics, marketing trends come back and go as brands learn to leverage new technology. During this ever-evolving landscape, brands can’t simply admit their tried-and-tested best marketing practices. Client values and preferences have shifted, with effective marketing ways. With new technologies and client behaviours, 2023 is ready to be a remarkable year in marketing.

1) Long-term influencer-brand relationships: 

Traditionally, one of the most effective marketing methods is influencer advertising. Individuals are a lot more interested in a product or service if somebody they recognize and trust recommends it. Influencer marketing, which involves a collaboration between a brand and a person with a selected niche and a huge online following, helps in the growth of the brand. 93% of brand professionals use influencer marketing for reasons like: 

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building trust and authority
  • Reaching their target market
  • Driving conversions
  • Generating leads
  • Setting a brand new trend
  • Connecting to a wider market
2) Live streaming and video-based content:

Video-based content is changing into a key focus space in social media marketing as it captures a viewer’s attention for an extended amount of time compared to static posts. From Youtube to Instagram reels, marketers are using bite-sized videos to drive engagement and increase awareness among millennials and Gen Z. Live streaming is additionally proving to be an efficient marketing trend. Once paired with influencer marketing, live streaming permits potential customers to interact with influencers at the comfort of their homes getting to know about the brand all while watching the live stream.

3) User-generated content:

From Instagram trends to #OOTD posts, user-generated content is the new thing. This kind of content is original and brand-specific, created by customers instead of brands. Unboxing videos, makeup reviews, branded hashtags, and icon tags are all samples of how brands will benefit from user-generated content. As a result, anyone who will produce user-generated content, adding this manoeuvre to their marketing strategy will take your brand’s legitimacy to a consequent level. Customers are to trust user-generated content more as compared to content created by brands—proving that now’s the time to place legitimacy in your marketing strategy. 

4) New targeting solutions:

Google is ready to terminate third-party cookies by the start of next year thanks to rising privacy issues. Cookies play a role in target marketing by trailing a user’s behaviour across the net therefore marketers will deliver custom-made  expertise. so as to stay relevant, brands are testing different targeting solutions to continue developing extremely personalised content and ads.

5) Agile marketing:

Agile marketing is an approach galvanized by the Agile methodology. It involves fast iterations instead of one massive project.  Agile marketing emphasizes time period collaboration and is meant so marketers will respond simply to change. Agile marketing includes:

  • Flexibility to adapt to change thanks to iterative planning
  • Ability to deliver value early and infrequently by grouping people into little cross-functional groups that can finish projects autonomously
  • More specialisation in client value and business outcomes as opposed to activity and output
  • More data-driven selections due to emphasis on experimentation
  • Better transparency and collaboration through unreal workflows and frequent touchpoints

Aimglobal as a digital marketing agency strives to incorporate these points and more so as to make your business a lot more up-to-date with the latest trend and with these strategies help your business grow. 

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