Google ads vs Facebook ads things you must know

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Digital Marketing is a process that comprises several ways to bring attention and traffic to the brand’s platform. Ads are the most desired tools to make digital marketing work effectively. 

When it comes to ads, there are primarily two types of ads that are used in this domain. They are Google and Facebook ads. These are the two main components of paid media and the market’s most significant player. Indeed they are practical tools for brand development. However, a deeper understanding of these concepts will enable you to choose the better one for your company.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, a never-ending conundrum

It is evident and well-accepted to need clarification about the choice of ads one would want to use for brand development amidst the ongoing google ads vs. Facebook ads tussle. This may appear more of an overreaction to people who have just entered the digital marketing domain. 

One might find it hard to seek the differences between these ads, but they are pretty different.

  • While Facebook ads are the primary tool to run paid social media campaigns on Facebook, google ads are used to run search and display ads. 
  • Both these platforms run pay-per-click ads. However, they undertake such activity on different platforms. In addition, what also differs between these two is the target audience which may be at various stages of a buyer’s journey. 

Apart from these primary differences between Google and Facebook ads, they work better while complementing each other, offering extraordinary benefits. But before you choose either of them or both as a part of the digital marketing strategy, you need to bring clarity over what you want to achieve from either of them.

  • Know your goal:

Google Ads vs. Facebook ads is a tussle that is even a hassle if you don’t have clarity over your campaign goal. Whether you want a campaign for brand awareness or to bring sales, if you know this, half of the task is done.

Accordingly, you can use Google Ads to capture the demand and attract users who intend to buy the product and services. If the goal is product awareness and brand outreach, then Facebook ads can do the deed.

  • Know your budget:

Since both google and Facebook ads are a part of the paid campaign, one must have a defined budget before availing any of these services. Within a limited budget, you must see which platforms may bring more traffic and work efficiently. It is about finding where your money is worth spending to gain much-needed attention. 

  • Buyer’s journey:

Google and Facebook ads conform to buyers’ needs at different journey stages. Facebook ads are a great tool to expand the brand’s presence and make it known to a more extensive consumer base which they may find interesting to explore.

Google ads bring sales and potential buyers closer to the services and products they have searched for using the desired keywords. Here some keywords show significant intent of the users, which can be found with adequate analysis.

  • Google ads vs. Facebook ads:

Indeed this is now proving to be a never-ending scuffle, which to a greater extent, is not required. Both these platforms offer benefits to the brand in their unique ways and, in fact, work better when employed together. For instance, google ads are great for adding profits, while Facebook ads are often known to bring the highest ROI.

Still trying to figure out what and how to use it. Rest assured, folks, get in touch with AimGlobal now to avail one of the top digital marketing services where the strategy will involve many more than just paid ads.

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